Meet Frank(!)

Well here is the new addition to the Family….

Frank - Upright

Meet Frank – the Sonata…   Get it?  :o)

He is a Kromski Sonata…..    and after many moons are research I took a trip to Wingham Wool Work at the weekend (don’t EVER be put off – the bark it worse than the bite!)Ruth spent a good hour with me looking at my two final candidates…  the Ashford Joy and the Kromski….The Joy didn’t like me – I only had to look at it and the drive band would fall off – Ruth could spin quite happily – it came near me and….  off it fell again – was very odd….But Frank was a dream – bearing in mind I’ve never sat in front of a wheel before in my life, and therefore have never spun….  there I was was…  fibre in one hand…  drafting through with the other…  and this magic was happening to make a spun thread on the wheel….Felt very natural……  and in hindsight a bit scary…..   how did I know how to do it?  *eek* don’t think about it – just do it!

But Frank’s a clever boy – look how he folds down…..

Frank Folded - SideFolded - Flat

I can’t beleive how excited I am about Frank – the plan is to have a play over the next couple of weeks then take a course up at Wingham again to see what I’m doing right / wrong and also to see how to develop….

I am SOOOO  looking forward to it!!!

If you get the chance to visit Wingham’s do!! It’s a fantastic place – and the fibre is to just heaven!! 

I think it’s a good job we don’t live nearer(!)

Ruth is you ever read this – THANK YOU!!  Your help at the weekend was SOOO appreciated!!


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