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Long time no blog!

Well I’ve been a bad blogger in more than one sense….

I’ve been poorly ‘ick for practically the last 2 weeks!!  A nasty summer cold that has meant I’ve been coughing lots (spare lung appreciated if anyone has one – as I think I’ve coughed mine up!), an elephant sat on my head, and general aches, tiredness and irritability (probably no-one noticed the last one!)

Can tell I was ill – as I didn’t even knit for about 4 days – as no concentration and couldn’t focus eyes properly!!

 Now still not brave enough to tackle any lace but have attacked some lovely socks!!

September sockamania, these are brill…  the first time I’ve actually managed to do the right pattern in the right month!  and the first time I’ve EVER done fairisle..  but am loving these…

September Sockamania - Started

The pink is hipknits and the blue / green is middle earth both BFL

I also finally blocked the Hanami last night!  I’m entering it to the summer show!!

Just need to take some arty farty shots – but some of it blocking are below – I’ll add a proper summary with stylised shots  :o)

BlossomWhole BlockingHanami Basket